Growing up in a VERY "outdoorsy" family, I have fond memories of my dad dragging me along to spring 3D archery shoots. Fast forward to today, I am doing the same with my son. 3D archery shoots are not only challenging, but fun. I like to describe them as 18 holes of golf, with your bow. But instead of only 18 targets, you have 30 different real life hunting scenarios.

Gather your sharp sticks and make your plans to join Five Valley Archery Club this Sunday (5/21), for their annual May Fling.

Registration begins at 7am, with score card deadline at 3:30pm.

Price is $15 for adults, $10 for Young Adult (14-17), $10 for kids 9-13 and Cubs are FREE.

It is happening at the beautiful 500 Ranch near the Wye in Missoula.

How to get there:

Go to the Wye, west of Missoula.

Go north 2.2 miles to Industrial rd

Turn right and go .75 miles to Buffalo Speedway

Turn left and go up .66 miles

Follow signs to parking.