The tug is the drug is so true when it comes to fishing, especially fly fishing! It was a beautiful Sunday in the Missoula area yesterday and what a better way to spend a day then fishing! 

I am an avid fisher but recently took up fly fishing and was able to practice a bit this weekend with my friend John Staats from Rock Creek Mercantile and a first time fly fisher, Abbie. It's true what they say about beginners luck as Abbie was the only one to actually get a fish on the line and to shore! Way to go Abbie, we had a great instructor and great times. I had a few good bites but wasn't able to hook em.

We fished from Welcome Creek Bridge, which has a very cool Indian Jones type draw bridge. After a good morning of fishing we stopped off at Ekstroms for some homemade goodies. I had an amazing burger with bacon and a slice of homemade Strawberry Rhubarb pie...yum yum yum. Thank you so much to john and Rock Creek mercantile for a fun day! Fish on!