Missoula residents have been able to see firsthand what Neptune Aviation does.  We’ve watched their planes make retardant drops. They've helped fight fires on Mt Sentinel (several times), Mount Jumbo, the North Hills and Frenchtown. That’s the visible part. Imagine the number of people behind the scenes maintaining those aircraft plus the support people to make it all work. Craig & Al have had the opportunity to meet many of them. They’re good folks. You’ve got an opportunity to meet them and see up close what they do this Saturday. Neptune is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary with a public open house. It runs from 2-6 PM at their hangars at the airport. You’ll be able to follow the signs once you head out toward the airport. It’ll be fun for kids of all ages with a chance to get up real close to the air tankers.  They’ll also do several water drops for the crowd.  It should b e a lot of fun and it’s free.