First of all thanks so very much to everyone that joined Craig and I Friday morning to celebrate our 20th year of working together on the radio. Some of you joined us for coffee (Thanks to Florence Coffee Company) and treats(Thanks to Great Harvest bread Company), a lot of you emailed or called us to join in and it was a really a lot of fun. Because of all of you, we’ve been working together so long, truthfully we couldn’t  do it without you guys (all 19 of you) on the other side of the radio. Thanks also to our Digital Managing Editor Jordan Dawson, she put together a great slideshow (73 of ‘em) that sort of chronicles our career.

Thorough the years Craig & I have given away some  ”unusual” prizes; dried pig ear key chains(dogs loved ‘em), stress mice, fly swatters (they said, “I got smashed  at Larry’s Six Mile Bar”), eyeball  key chains and numerous coffee cups of all shape and sizes. The most unusual coffee cup was a mistake. We had ordered these cups to be white with a black outline of our caricatures. When they were delivered they were black with a white outline. A gross (144) of them. Turning lemons into lemonade ,they became the “Craig & Al Jolson coffee cups”. There are a few in existence yet today. Our most popular prize by far was the eyeball key chain. A marketing person/ surgical assistant at one of the clinics in Missoula came up with this idea and it was  an immediate hit. The clinic gained quite a bit of name recognition because of them but after several years they decided to “go in a different direction”. They have been such a popular item we’ve continued them thanks to Exact Image.

Any way, these are just a couple of items we’ve given away over the years. Some of our longtime fans have developed  quite a collection. You know who you are and we do too! All of you are the greatest.