Election results were pouring into the Missoula County Fairgrounds Tuesday night for a number of open positions. Here's the results:

Mayor: John Engen; 10,658 votes with 66.34%. Peggy Cain; 2,661 votes with 16.56%; Dean McCollom; 1,146 votes with 7.13%; Michael Hyde; 996 votes with 6.20%; Write-In; 604 votes with 3.76%

Municipal Court Judge: Kathleen Jenks; 6,839 votes with 45.20%; Mark McLaverty; 6,165 votes with 40.74%; Leta J. Womack; 2,067 votes with 13.66%; Write-In; 61 votes with .40%

City Council-Ward 1: Bryan Von Lossberg; 1,982 votes with 75.08%; Patrick Harlan Maddison; 602 votes with 22.80%; Write-In; 56 votes with 2.12%

City Council-Ward 2: Jordan Hess; 1,506 votes with 80.84%; Write-In; 357 votes with 19.16%

City Council-Ward 3: Emily Brock Bentley; 1,858 votes with 79.61%; Paul Bohan; 458 votes with 19.62%

City Council-Ward 4: Jon Wilkins; 2,273 votes with 96.31%; Write-In; 87 votes with 3.69%

City Council-Ward 5: Annelise Noelle Hedahl; 1,753 votes with 61.90%; David "Doc" Moore; 1,058 votes with 37.36%; Write-In; 21 votes with .74%

City Council-Ward 6: Marilyn Marler; 1,533 votes with 73.60%; Dr. Ernest Szechenyi; 529 votes with 25.40%; Write-In; 21 votes with 1.01%

MUTD Mill Levy: For; 9,599 votes with 56.58%; Against; 7,365 votes with 43.42%




One of the issues decided during the Tuesday, November 5 city election was the proposed yearly levy to benefit the Mountain Line, Missoula’s mass transit system.

With 90 percent of the vote tabulated, the Missoula Urban Transportation District passed by a vote of 8,970 for, or 55.9 percent, to 7,089 against, or 44.1 percent.
Mountain Line General Manager Michael Tree, reached at the Missoula Fairgrounds Election Center, was understandably happy about the outcome.
“Some great improvements are in store,” Tree said. “About $1.7 million each year will go primarily towards operations. The three major improvements are service for seniors and the disabled, then, the four most popular routes in the city will now operate until 9:50 p.m. with smaller buses, so if you’re working at the mall, you can get a ride home, and there will be more frequency, so the buses will come more often.”
The yearly $1.7 million levy will add about $32 per year in property taxes for a home valued at $200,000 in Missoula.
Missoula City-County Clerk and Recorder and Elections Officer Vicki Zeier said voter turnout is always much higher with a mail-in ballot.
“Tonight’s results represent about a 38 percent voter turnout,” Zeier said. “In a regular poll election, when the mayor was on the ballot, it averaged somewhere between a 24 and 28 percent turnout.”