Our friends on the other end got hit hard today! Just a Mother Nature reminder that it ain't over yet. The Montana Department of Transportation  says several roads in eastern Montana were closed this afternoon and others were reporting severe driving conditions due to a winter storm. Interstate 94 between Glendive and the North Dakota line was closed due to snow, reduced visibility and snow and ice on the roadway. The same for U.S. Highway 2 from Poplar to the North Dakota line and Montana 13 from Wolf Point to the Canadian border. Weather took its toll on the Montana sports scene too, as they postponed the challenge game at the Southern C boys' basketball tourney. Wibaux and St. Labre were supposed to play at 7:00 tonight in MIles City. They'll try again tomorrow afternoon at 1:00. Drive safe everyone and if you're headed east, be sure to check the most updated road conditions you can find. DB