Easter egg fun was my day yesterday! 5 hours, two 24 packs of eggs, paint, glitter, glue, dye, a little love and voila Easter egg beauty's.

I did an assortment of styles on the eggs. Try on of these ideas this Easter

1. Acrylic foil eggs : You will need aluminum foil, acrylic paint, paint brush, and glaze

Cut foil into medium size squares and crumple up the foil, spread one color of paint on each piece of foil. Roll your boiled egg over the crumpled foil let dry and do it again with another color! Glaze when completely dry

2. Rubber band/duct tape eggs: You will need duct tape, rubber bands, and dye

Wrap eggs with rubber bands or use the duct tape in various ways too add design, dip them in dye. Let them sit awhile. Remove from dye, dry and remove rubber bands or duct tape. then re dip in a lighter color to color the covered parts

3. Polka dot eggs: Dye, acrylic paint, paint brush

These are pretty easy just dye the egg, let dry and use acrylic paint to paint on the polka dots.

4. Glitter ribbon eggs: you will need some glitter or sequin ribbon, dye, tacky glue.

Dye the egg desired color, let dry and then use tacky glue to glue on the ribbon in desired design.

5. Glitter eggs: Tacky glue, dye and glitter

These are always fun! Cover dyed dried egg in a light layer of glue then roll in glitter of all sorts! Pretty

6. Mr.Cotton Tail : Acrylic paint, pipe cleaner, tacky glue

These are so cute! Start by painting the bunny face on egg with acrylic paint. Shape pipe cleaner into bunny ears then attach with tacky glue and let dry. Hop! Hop!

Have a wonderful Easter weekend!