KYSSmas for Kids is in full swing, and as usual, along with the auctions we have lots of people calling in making donations and challenging others to do the same. Check the list and see if you, those in your profession, or those who share similar hobbies have been issued a challenge.A Marine challenged everyone who has served in any branch of the armed services, or who has family who has served, to donate $25.

A Griz fan challenged other fans to donate the same amount that they paid for tickets to Saturday's playoff football game. He put in $120.

The Five Valley Ford Club challenged all other car clubs to do what they can. They started it off with $250.

A challenge was issued to Maggots and Flies and all highway workers. It was kicked off with $100.

The principal at DeSmet challenged all school administrators to make a donation. She put in $150.

A challenge was also issued to all Missoula County Public Schools employees. It began with a $10 donation.

All garbage haulers have been challenged. The initial donation was $100.

Sentinel Kiwanis has challenged all other Kiwanis groups. The got the ball rolling with $20.

An electrician donated $100 and challenged all other electricians to do the same.