We heard from a soldier deployed in Afghanistan. He had a special appeal, here's an excerpt from his email:

"I am in Afghanistan at a small Forward Operations Base and the problem I have is the dogs we have here don't have much of anything as in chew toys, rawhide chews, (we really need tennis balls) leashes and collars. I don't work with the dogs but we can go over to the kennels and play ,and pet the dogs. I know it sounds silly but being with the dogs and having a wet nose touch your hand kinda takes the edge off the world and whats going on over here. I have one dog, his name is Brutes and he is a big dog about 120 lbs. Anyway, he has claimed me as his own and we play together and when we get worn out he will sit in the shade right beside me. Anyway, if you will pass the word out to see if I can get somethings for the boys it would help.

If you're interested in helping out you can call Front Desk Debbie here at KYSS, 728-9300.