With steep enrollment declines these days, housing is not as complicated as it once was for University of Montana students.

But when things start to turn around and numbers increase again, maybe they can take a page from NYU's book and turn to "Grandma Housing." That's just a working title there, but in such a heavily populated metro area, it sounds like some smart thinking that could be applied to any college town.

New York University will introduce a new program in 2017 that houses students with senior citizens who have spare rooms. Students will pay $5,000 a year, which is far less than the school's dorm fees. And most of the money will go to the senior citizen host. Students will be required to eat TV dinners in front of "Wheel." And bedtime is right after the news.


It sounds like the school carefully screens the applicants and the host person or couple, so It could be a win-win. We'll keep an eye out for progress reports.