Disneyland administrators recently announced that they were loosening up the dress code beginning Friday, Feb. 3.

The dress code, known as the “Disney Look,” was altered in 2000 to lift a 43-year-old ban on mustaches. Prior to that change, Walt Disney was the only member of the staff (which are all referred to as cast members, right down to the janitor at the home office) that was allowed to grow a mustache.

However, starting Friday employees can still be part of the cast while sporting a beard or goatee without fear of reprimand. As the Disneyland rules tend to go, there are guidelines for this though. Facial hair must be shorter than a quarter of an inch, but also must not be a soul patch (a patch of hair just below the bottom lip).

"Disney Look guidelines are periodically reviewed in relation to industry standards, as well as the unique environment of our theme parks and resorts," Betsy Sanchez, a Disneyland Resort spokeswoman, said in a statement.

"While we are careful to maintain our heritage and the integrity of our brand, a recent review of our guidelines led to a decision that an update was appropriate at this time."

Other recent alterations in the Disney Look include a decision in 2010 that female employees no longer have to wear pantyhose with skirts, and are also allowed to wear sleeveless tops (as long as the shoulder straps were at least three inches wide). Also that year, it was decided that men could wear untucked, casual shirts.

Despite all of these “big” dress code change, there are still lots of rules and guidelines that likely make your place of business look like a free-for-all. Check out this list of dress code rules. (We also found this fun fact sheet about other Disney info.)