Nursing - With skilled nurses able to come into the home, it makes it possible for nursing care can place in the home. Nursing services that can be provided in the home are diverse. Examples of the care offered to clients is not limited to client assessment, wound care, and intravenous medication administration.

Physical Therapy - Nightingale’s physical therapists help clients get back on their feet. Working with a physical therapist in the has advantages that are not achieved when the client is receiving care in an outpatient facility. Receiving care in the home allows the assessment of the surroundings to ensure that the home is a safe environment conductive of allowing the client to develop and maximize the client’s physical functional ability.

Speech Therapy - Speech therapists are available to work with patients in the home. Rather than having to leave home, the client and the patient collaborate to set goals and a schedule that suits the needs of the client. This way, communication goals can be met within the comfort of the home.

Respiratory Therapy - The treatment, evaluation and administration of respiratory therapy can take place in the home. Oxygen administration, chest physiotherapy and the administration of inhalers or breathing treatments are examples of the care respiratory therapy can manage.