Dierks Bentley comes up with a great idea to allow his fans access to his studio sessions. I had the chance to meet Dierks when he was in Missoula two years ago playing at  The Osprey Stadium. He is  a genuine guy with a big  heart who loves his fans!

Dierks Bentley is turning the recording studio into his version of a reality series. Starting this Sunday, as he records his new album, he'll have cameras rolling all day and night. And you can watch the progress live on his website, www.dierks.com. Bentley says he "thought it would be cool to let the fans be part of the whole experience, so we're going to let them watch as it all goes down." He'll be recording in Asheville, North Carolina because he says learned from his experience recording "Up on the Ridge" that "getting out of Nashville and away from the business side of things can be really inspiring."

Story from Associated Press