Did you go fishing this weekend? It was the general season opener.  Most of the major rivers and streams are running pretty high and almost unfishable. Most of the success was fishing the lakes in the area.

How many of you remembered to get a license before you went out fishing? I have a friend (really it wasn’t me) who decided to go fishing on opening day. He was sort of new to the idea so he took his rod and reel and headed out. When I mentioned to him he’d need a license he said he spent all his money on gear, besides he” wasn’t worried about that.”  So off he goes to fish, where does he go?  He was never a man to be subtle…his chosen “spot,"  right where the Rattlesnake empties  into the Clark Fork.

It wasn’t long before a warden stopped to chat and see how the fishing was going and of course, to check his license.  The cost of a license was a lot less than the ticket.

It’s always a good idea to make sure you’ve got an up to date license, and you carry it with you. You can even get them online these days.