Worst day of fishing better than the best day of work, right? And it was far from the worst day of fishing. Not fast and furious but we managed to pull a few lake trout up from the murky depths of Flathead Lake on Tuesday. Good friend Bob Culp our Boatus Emeritus, stepson Gabe and I set up shop just north of the "narrows," that cluster of islands not too far from Polson. We figured about 120 feet of water was deep enough, put our bait fish on the bottom and waited. It was a good hour before the first strike (mine). I haven't caught that many of those lake trout, but this one was the hardest, most aggressive hitter of any I've caught, so I knew it had some size to it. And sure enough, a 30-inch, approximately 13-pound beauty! It's back in the water so you can go catch it now if you want. That was it for me, but that was plenty and another wonderful day on the water! DB