What's that about the worst day of fishing being better than the best day of work? And it wasn't even a bad fishing day.  My friend Bob Culp and I decided to make it a half day of trolling Brown's Lake today. We got on the water at 9:30 and stayed till 1:30, although the wind was, ummm, "encouraging" us to leave by noon. But we toughed  it out a bit longer. The fishing wasn't hot. We managed to get 4 about the size of the one pictured, then Bob landed a pretty hefty one before we called it a day. Released them all. I had to get back to be on the radio, so it was sort of a hybrid day off/working day. But I'll take 4 hours in a beautiful place with a really good friend anytime. The 5 fish were just a bonus. By the way, if you love watching birds of prey, head to Brown's Lake.   DB