Re: Tomorrow's KYSS-Mas for Kids, 6am-7pm, I decided I would say it, careful not to make this sound like self-promotion and like I'm trying to lay a guilt trip on you at the same time. That is not the intent:  I just wanted to say that even if you are unable to bid on anything or make a contribution tomorrow, I hope you can find some time to tune us in and listen to the fundraiser. I think you'll find it inspiring and you'll feel a connection with the giving spirit of this community. The fellowship of working with listeners who put those less fortunate first is truly wonderful. It's the best day of the year to be on the radio!!! So drink in the spirit of the event. That's free!  :-) And you know, we're actually pretty funny and put on a good fundraiser too!    We'd be honored to have you be a part of the listening audience. And thank you!  DB