They deposit dead skunks? Well, that will increase the neighborhoods' property values! Apparently this has been going on in an area of Buffalo NY. The Associated Press reports that local residents plagued by strong orders learned nuisance skunks were being shot and stored in a shuttered police station. A public works commissioner finally admitted humanely trapped skunks have been taken to an old police station, shot and stored in outdoor freezers until they can be incinerated. Residents complained months ago about the big stink, but were told by city officials that skunks weren't being killed inside the building. Then they said a few were and so on. The city has promised to search for a new depository. Community members are calling it "Skunkgate" (of course). I wonder if the city was trying to tell those who complained that they just must have purchased defective car fresheners. And there's the latest news on pews. DB