Many people say history tends to repeat itself, and I only wish that could be true when referring to the cost of living.

From 1952 until the present, we've seen prices for gas, and even milk, soar. Let's put the price in perspective: Today, gas prices are expected to increase 20 cents in the next couple of weeks. As if that wasn't crazy enough, gas back in the '50s was 20 cents.

In celebration of his 61st birthday on Sunday (July 7), Craig was given a "Birthday Times" — a personal newsletter dedicated to the day he was born in July of 1952. It includes events, sports highlights, popular music, and a "Then Vs. Now Cost of Living Comparison."

A gallon of milk was 96 cents in 1952 compared to $3.46 today. A loaf of bread was 16 cents compared to $1.41 currently. How about a new car? Only an average of $1,850! That's a huge difference from the $26,600 average price today.

In 1952, the New York Yankees defeated the Brooklyn Dodgers for their fourth straight World Series win. The Detroit Lions defeated the Cleveland Browns 17-7 to win the NFL championship game — before the NFL even hosted Super Bowl games.

What about the big events happening in 1952? General Motors built the first cars equipped with air conditioning. Dwight Eisenhower won the Republican nomination for president while Richard Nixon won the candidacy for vice president.

Times are changing, there's no doubt about it. Happy Birthday, Craig! Take advantage of every day because time really does seem to fly faster than we think.