Mid-day Thursday Craig and I had the opportunity to take a helicopter ride thanks to Canyon Lake Helicopters based out of Hamilton. We met our pilot Alan at the Hamilton Airport. After a short talk about safety and operation we took off for a one hour flight. We flew NE over the Willow Mtn Lookout and got a great view of the Burnt Fork Reservoir. From there we headed W across the valley for the craggy peaks of the Bitterroots. Most of the pictures in the slide show taken from the air are of the rugged  terrain. Alan kept up a running commentary of the drainages and the many hiking trails in them. He’s a lifelong resident of the area and has spent many days traversing the mountains.  We flew along the peaks of the west wide getting and eagles eye view of Mill Creek, Gash Creek and Blodgett Canyon. Farther South we went to Darby and Lake Como. On our return trip to Hamilton we traced the route of the Big Ditch.

It was a great day and I would heartily recommend you take a flight like this. Canyon Lake is a quality organization. They not only offer sight-seeing trips like this but also fly firefighters, are involved in search and rescue and do contract work to remote areas.