They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In our case, however, this photo is worth 700+ "likes", 457 shares and 122 Facebook comments at the time of writing...

I posted this picture of our beautiful Missoula skyline from high atop Mount Sentinel early Saturday morning only to find that it had gone seriously viral in just a few short minutes.

Hundreds of my Facebook friends agree that photographer Mark Payton captured the absolute essence of Missoula in one still frame. In this beautifully framed shot we get it all. The far reaching scope of this cities street lights and avenues, the excitement of Montana football with the Washington/Grizzly stadium in all it's shining glory, and the infamous "M" all lit up during it's special Friday Night Lights showcase.  It's breathtaking.

Many people have asked if this photo will be available for sale. The answer is yes! And you can order it right here.

Do you agree that is the best photo of Missoula...ever?  While we are on this topic, perhaps you can forward us links to other pictures that showcase our town just as well. Do so in the comments section below!


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