Man over 200 Corvettes are going to be at Karl Tyler Chevrolet around 11 am tomorrow. Thanks so much to the Karl Tyler crew for coming by the KYSS studio.

Around 11am on August 23rd, approximately 200 Corvettes will pull into the
lot of Karl Tyler Chevrolet & Cadillac for lunch on day two of their week-long trek across the country. They will be headed to celebrate the National Corvette Museum’s 20th Anniversary in Bowling Green, Kentucky where thousands of other National Caravan registrants will gather for the groundbreaking ceremony of a $20 million, 184-acre, World-Class Motorsports Park.
This National Caravan only happens every five years, and this will be their first time traveling through Montana. The Pacific Northwestern Caravan is one of 6 across the US that will be documented and includes participants from British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Alaska & Montana. It is the largest Caravan in the country!

So cool first time stopping in Montana and go grab a picture with your favorite corvette.