University of Montana Dining Services is hosting the 15th annual Great UM Christmas Cookie Cook-Off. It's this Thursday, Dec. 13th, in the Food Zoo. Members of the UM Community are invited to the "Polar Express"-themed event. Attendees may bring up to half the cookies they bake home with them after the cook-off and the other half will be donated to non-profit groups. This ends up being about 3,600 donated cookies annually! The cook-off is open to students, faculty and staff, their families and friends, so pretty wide open. Besides cookie baking, there will be beverages, music and a children's play area. Monte the Grizzly mascot is expected to make an appearance. If you want to be a part of things, you should call Dining Services director Jerry O'Malley at 243-6433 or I hereby volunteer to be head judge. I'll even bring my own milk!