A  Colorado couple, with a pair of cats that live a development near Durango CO,  are facing a real dilemma. They are taking heat from the homeowners association over a convenience they came up with for their cats.

Gus and Teddy are the two cats that enjoy the out of doors. The dilemma is that the couple lives on the second floor of a home. How do they let the cats out?  So they built a catwalk (no pun intended) to a nearby tree and then steps down the tree. Gus and Teddy can access the whole thing through a pet door in the second floor bathroom. It didn’t take long for the cats to have fun using the suspension walk and stairs.

Now comes the problem. The homeowners association says the couple didn’t get permission to build the catwalk and they’re threatening to take it down, bill them for the work and fine them. The couple is fighting the order. Stay tuned, there’s a re-hearing on the issue coming up and two of the board members who voted for taking action are gone.

Thanks to Amy Maestas Durango Herald News Editor for permission to use this story and the photos.