Like many of you, I have become a person who finds it incredibly annoying to be in traffic with those who still think it's okay to text and drive.

A good example would be the woman in the big pickup on Highway 93 between Stevensville and Victor the other night who couldn't quite stay in her lane. A little weave here, a little weave there...hmmm, wonder why?

Maybe Missoula law enforcement should give these some thought. Police in Bethesda, Maryland., are disguising themselves as transients standing near busy intersections. If they see drivers texting, they radio ahead to fellow officers with vehicle descriptions. Another example from Bridgewater, Mass., is police on bicycles who just pull right up to the side of your car and hand you a $105 ticket!

So if you see a transient-looking person on a bicycle and you're texting while driving, you're probably really screwed! Yay!   DB