Well, if they help, then the ability to laugh at one's self a little bit sure pays off. Associated Press tells us that the Massachusetts Department of Transportation ran a contest to come up with humorous yet important road safety reminders for highway message boards. Poking a little fun at their own stereotyped accent, drivers are seeing reminders like, "Use Yah Blinkah," when changing lanes. There's also, "Make Yah Ma Proud. Wear Yah Seatbelt." Road rage a problem? "Keep Calm and Drive On." And for the chatty, distracted phone user, "Put Down the Phone! Your LOLs and OMGs Can Wait!" The state's DOT sees it as a way of changing routine messages, bringing new attention to safety reminders that may be overlooked. Winners get gas and restaurant gift cards.

My Missoula one would be, "Hey goofball, those left-turn center lanes in the middle of Reserve and Brooks are not on-ramps!"  Is that too long?  DB