The City of Missoula's wastewater treatment plant head-works and odor improvement project and its engineer, Morrison-Maierle, recently won an engineering award.

Wastewater Division Superintendent Star Sullivan said on Friday, December 6, that the project itself was built and installed nearly two years ago,

"We had a new head-works building put in, that's the place where all the untreated sewage comes in to the plant, that's the first treatment that it gets," Sullivan said. "That building removes all the sand and gravel and inorganic debris, and because it's raw sewage there's quite a bit of odor produced in those kind of structures. We put in state of the science odor control in this building, and we're very proud of that fact."

Sullivan said the multimillion dollar project was a unique engineering feat.

"This was a little over $9 million project, and something that really needed to be done," Sullivan said. "It was quite the engineering feat, being so close to the river and they had to go very deep into the ground.It was a highly technical job that the contractor and the engineer did a really good job on."

In 2012, the project and Dick Anderson Construction were both honored by the Montana Contractors Association with the Building Excellence Award in the Best Industrial Category.

Wastewater Division Superintendent Star Sullivan