It probably doesn't come to anyone's mind as being one of the top 10 entries you'd expect to see in a community Christmas parade.

And how it got past the screening committee in the first place, we don't know. But a local dance instruction club in Jacksonville, North Carolina, managed to get their float with dancer poles and dancers into the town's Christmas parade.

No nudity, but let's just say their halls were decked with some, uh, moves. A local parade-watcher said he turned the heads of his two young children to keep them from seeing the float.

The dance instruction studio, Studio 360, says the dancers were clothed and nobody was doing anything inappropriate on the float. The local chamber of commerce is collecting comments from the public as to whether they should be included next year.

Add your own one-liners here: "Oh, we thought you said the float would display the "North Pole."  "Daddy, why are there dollar bills stuffed in the hubcaps of that float? And why are you staring?"