It’s homecoming week at the University of Montana.  Festivities got underway Sunday with a pep rally at Center Court in Southgate Mall. The week slowly builds with events planned on campus. Things really get  going on Thursday with more alumni arriving in Missoula. The big day is Saturday with a parade, starting at 10 AM following the normal route down Higgins to University Ave where it turns and heads to campus?  Tailgating starts at 11:30 and the game against Portland State starts at 1:30PM. Well let’s hope the Montana cheer squad doesn’t run into the same problem one in England did. They were on their way to the stadium for a soccer match and had stopped on the sidewalk to do a cheer for fans. A policeman ticketed them and they face a fine of $140. His superiors admit the officer “may have been overly diligent” and are reviewing the case.