Charles Marion Russell was born in Missouri and at the age of 16 moved to Montana. After spending some time as a hand on a sheep ranch he started drawing and painting. He was one of the first to capture the wild west flavor of Montana before it was a state. He lived in Great Falls and there's a museum of his work there. The next time you get to the Electric City make sure you stop in, his work is very special. (The sunset photo is sort of an example of what Charlie captured in paints. His work is heavily protected so I couldn't use any of it.) He once wrtote,'"You May lose a sweetheart,but you'll never forget her"...."The West is dead my friend. She's gone....but not forgotten."

Other birthdays today; Celia Pierce-from Meghan & AJ, Emily-from Amy, Dave Pulley-from the Silver Dollar Crowd,Dave Lapham-from Pete, Craig & Al.

Happy 42 Anniversary to his favorite fishing buddy from Tom "The PlowGuy".

Belated Happy Birthday to Mike Sexton who works at Pyramid Lumber from The Sexton Girls. His birthdya was Saaturday.