I caught so many fish on Rock Creek yesterday I had to stop cause my arm was hurting! Want to know the secret?

First off a big thank you to Luke our guide from Rock Creek Mercantile and John who put me on the fish. Many people like I have been saying have said that all the rivers are blown...but not ROCK CREEK!

I wasn't a big fan of dry flying...until yesterday. Now I am addicted to dry flying! It is the best feeling to see that fish jump and grab your fly from the top of the water. The tug is the drug is so true with dry flying. We were using Chubbies, Charlie specials and the Cat Puke were on fire yesterday!

It is all about the presentation and Luke and John were so helpful making sure I was presenting my fly right. By the way I out fished John and got the best fish of the day. This is it, fatty rainbow!

It was a great day, great company and my right arm looks like Pop-eye from all the fish I was catching! Can't thank Luke and John enough, you need a guide or some tips call the Rock Creek Merc. Fish On! It's going to be great for the next week or so.