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Snake River Canyon Jump a SUCCESS!
Eddie Braun's idol is Evel Knievel. In 1974, Evel was lucky to be alive after his failed jump...but Eddie makes it!! Watch it here from Friday, Sept. 16, 2016.
Have You Seen Drone Surfing?
Two things about drone surfing:
1. Make sure you have enough battery to get back to shore.
2. A drone this powerful will set you back about $18,000.
Giant Inflatable Moon Rolls into Traffic!
A city in China put a bunch of giant inflatable moons in various spots so people could take pictures in front of them. Looks like somebody forgot to properly secure one of them!! Looks like a scene from Indiana Jones!
Hottest Pepper Video Goes Too Far
In a never ending quest for Youtube hits, the hot pepper challenge continues...but this one got really serious. Keep in mind, a Carolina Reaper pepper is enough to make 10 large pots of chili HOT! Ok girls...enjoy your 5 million Youtube views (after you recover)...
Pilot Crashes in Water During Air Show
A pilot having engine trouble had to crash land in water during an airshow in England last month, but he is saved when a bunch of heroes jump in and flip the plane upright!

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