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Touching Video: Elderly Couple Reunited
Wolfram is 83 and his wife Anita is 81. They've been married 62 years! But this loving Canadian couple had to be separated into different retirement homes because Wolfram has dementia and needed special care elsewhere. Their granddaughter post a picture of them crying when they got to visit eac…
I Never Come Home To a Tangled Flag. Here’s Why!
I found a free spinning flag pole on that I just love! It has ball bearings on the top half of the pole that secures the flag so as the wind tries to wrap it around the pole, the pole spins and adjusts!  $29 not bad. There are several available...
Forever Country! Here’s the Full Video!
Wow look at this line up to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the CMAs!! Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, Tim & Faith, Jason Aldean, Charlie Pride, Dolly and Willie and so many more! Very touching and sad to see Randy Travis in this...
Snake River Canyon Jump a SUCCESS!
Eddie Braun's idol is Evel Knievel. In 1974, Evel was lucky to be alive after his failed jump...but Eddie makes it!! Watch it here from Friday, Sept. 16, 2016.

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