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FarmBot Will Make This Garden in YOUR Backyard!
Don't have a green thumb? Don't have time to garden but love fresh vegetables? Then FarmBot is for you! Check out this's fun to watch it work and it even waters for you, but I think I'll stick to the old fashioned way!
Worst Movies Featuring Country Singers
Just because you can do something, it doesn't always mean that you should. Some of country music's favorite singers found that out the hard way when they appeared in some movies that ... let's just say, might not have turned out as well as they hoped.
Magician’s Nail Trick GOES WRONG ON LIVE TV!
This guy was a finalist on Poland's Got Talent, but the trick didn't go so well on a TV morning show. If this is real, it was surely very, very, very painful....but there's a little good news as you watch this: I think the nail slipped to the side when it hit and didn't go all th…

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