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Newsman Totally FREAKS on Live TV!
During a segment with a reptile expert, a lizard jumps on this Dallas TV reporter and his reaction so hilarious, the video is going viral AGAIN! It all happened in 2002, it went viral in 2007 and everyone is re-discovering it! And it's totally worth it...
Bizarre Foods Guy Says He Would Eat a Human Being If….
Andrew Zimmern from the Bizarre Foods show has eaten just about everything from every culture. I love this guy! But eating cooked human meat? Well, if you watch Bizarre Foods, then you know he's up for anything. But according to TMZ, he said, "There's no way I'm going to go o…
How to Play Pokemon Go!
It's all the rage right case you feel like you're missing out, here's everything you need to know!
FarmBot Will Make This Garden in YOUR Backyard!
Don't have a green thumb? Don't have time to garden but love fresh vegetables? Then FarmBot is for you! Check out this's fun to watch it work and it even waters for you, but I think I'll stick to the old fashioned way!
Worst Movies Featuring Country Singers
Just because you can do something, it doesn't always mean that you should. Some of country music's favorite singers found that out the hard way when they appeared in some movies that ... let's just say, might not have turned out as well as they hoped.

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