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This is How Hard Michael Phelps Trains
You don't just wake up in the morning an be an Olympic Gold Medalist. It takes years of hard work. While this is a commercial for Under Armour, it really highlights what goes into being the best in the world.
Watch THE WORST Swimmer in Olympic History
As far as the Olympics go, yeah he's the worst. Compared to say...ME, he's pretty dang fast! And keep in mind, he just took up swimming 8 months earlier!! This video is from the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. The Olympics were trying to encourage smaller countries to participate, so "Er…
How to Make Your Burger Fit the Bun Every Time
Have you ever heard that if you put a thumb print or even a hole in the center of your burger before you grill it, it won't shrink? I've tried this several times and it never has worked. I'm pretty sure that if you buy lean burger, even 93/7 like this burger...
If You Only Eat Crab at Restaurants, Watch This!!
There was a time that I only ate delicious crab when I went to Red Lobster. I'd always see whole crabs on ice in the store, but never really new what to do with it except for the legs. But once you do this, the mystery of the crab meat vs. the yucky stuff all makes sense and you'll eat cra…

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