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Easy Zipper Fix! I Love This!
My Favorite man bag...Indiana Jones leather that I bought at Disney World like 20 years ago, has had a broken zipper for a long time...can't wait to try this!
This Plant Makes Me a Thief. Yes, I Really Stole It.
Isn't it beautiful! About 2 1/2 years ago, my wife and I had dinner at a restaurant that had this most beautiful Lilly in the elevator lobby. It was huge and had several bright pink flowers on it. I noticed some new sprouts near the edges of the pot as we were leaving and decided to pull on one…
Bigfoot Caught on Video? I Think It’s FAKE
If this dog wearing a Go Pro actually caught Bigfoot on video, then I'll believe the original hoax from 1967. There was a time when I thought Bigfoot was real, but I was 8 years old, so there's that. What do you think?? Here's the latest from Oregon...
One Of the Craziest Finishes in Olympic History!
It was the women's 100 meter final in Barcelona, 1992. All crossing the finish line at almost exactly the same time were Team USA's Gail Devers and Gwen Torrence, Russia's Irina Privalova, and Jamaica's Julie Cuthbert and Merlene Ottey. Naturally this required careful slow motion…
Why Does This Beer Deliver Guy Only Take Beer OUT of Stores?
Because he's a clever thief! He dresses like a beer delivery guy, rolls his cart in, loads it with cases of beer and hauls it out! He looks official so workers don't question it, but cops are on to him now. Here's surveillance video from Millbrook, AL
Making Your Own Pepper Sauce Couldn’t Be Easier!
These are Tobasco peppers. They'll turn red when they're ripe. Making Tobasco brand sauce is a rather complicated process, but vinegar "peppa sauce" is simple! Very popular in the south, bottles of tobasco peppers that have been aged in white wine vinegar are on many tabl…
This is How Hard Michael Phelps Trains
You don't just wake up in the morning an be an Olympic Gold Medalist. It takes years of hard work. While this is a commercial for Under Armour, it really highlights what goes into being the best in the world.
Watch THE WORST Swimmer in Olympic History
As far as the Olympics go, yeah he's the worst. Compared to say...ME, he's pretty dang fast! And keep in mind, he just took up swimming 8 months earlier!! This video is from the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. The Olympics were trying to encourage smaller countries to participate, so "Er…

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