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How Much Is Omaha Worth?
Peyton Manning's foundation for at-risk youth will receive a $24,800 donation for all the times he shouted "Omaha!" during the AFC championship game Sunday.
Will Seattle Shake Again This Weekend?
Just four teams left in the NFL and two big games this weekend. It will be interesting to see what happens crowd-wise in both games. A sports writer in Denver appealed to fans before their last game to get loud again like they used to be...
Montanans Know How to Party Outdoors
You’ve got to hand it to Montanans, we know how to and like to party outdoors, anytime anywhere. A fine example is the SnoBar Big Sky Resort has built. It’s about 50’ wide and 100’ long and made out of snow. They string Christmas lights over the top...
Are You Radon Aware?
What do you know about radon? A colorless, odorless gas that occurs naturally here in Montana.
Montana Towns Make the Top 10
It seems these days there’s a list for everything…the five most…..ten things you need to…. You get the idea? Anyway someone came up with a list of the ten drunkest cities in the U.S. Of the ten cities on the list eight of them are college towns...
I’ll Take One of Each
Being the car guy that I am this time of year is always fun. Cars are in the news right now, auto shows are handing out awards. The automotive industry seems to be rebounding from the lagging sales of the past few years. They’ve also come up with some very nice looking cars and innovative idea…
Seattle Shakes from Fan Quake
Seismologists say Seahawks fans shook the ground under Seattle's CenturyLink Field during Saturday's defeat of the New Orleans Saints.
Montana Snowpack Grows
I don’t know where you were Saturday mid- day but I was in Tremper’s shopping center doing some book shopping. When I walked outside it was blowing and raining like I’ve never seen before. It was really raining hard! In the short walk to the truck I got pretty wet...
Pond Hockey Tourney in Seeley Lake
Today is day 2 of the 4th annual pond hockey tourney in Seeley Lake. 48 teams are on hand with three divisons and all levels of skill. This is a big deal drawing teams from all over the Pacific Northwest and Canada. It's a great spectator event and Seeley Lake is a fun place to visit...

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