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Taking Steps Over Credit Concerns
Does this story strike anyone else as…unusual? It’s based upon a national survey on the heels of the Target, Michaels, and Neiman-Marcus, data breach.
Sub-Zero Cold Can’t Stop Fishing Tourney
We’ve been hearing a lot lately about how cold it is in the Midwest, brutally cold, -50 wind-chill in Bemidji Monday morning. It looks like things are moderating a little today with daytime highs a little closer to zero but still below.
Wouldn’t a Trip to Las Vegas Be Fun?
I’ve been to Las Vegas and it was a lot of fun.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money if you’re a people watcher. Just find a good  spot and drink slow. It also doesn’t cost anything to walk around and see the sites. You have to contend with the street vendors and…
Dinner for Eight of Your Best Friends
You’d better start your list of friends to invite to your house for dinner. Coming up the 7th of next month KYSS will be auctioning off a gourmet dinner for 8-10 people.
Montanan Makes Olympic Freestyle Team
Another Montana native has made the U.S. Olympic team. Heather McPhie, who grew up in Bozeman and skied at Big Sky, will compete in the women’s freestyle moguls.
Muppet Makeover in the Works
In a move to get 3-5 years olds in better shape and eat better the producers of the Muppets are working with heart doctors to change what some characters are doing. For example Bert and Ernie will take up jumping rope and The Cookie Monster is going to cool it...
Keeping Kids Safe in the Car
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration wants to upgrade the standards for child safety seats.
They’re proposing that child car seats would have to protect children from death and injury in side impact crashes. The new standards could prevent the deaths of about five children and inj…
Hillbillies Winter Bar
It's winter and the 10,000 lakes of Minnesota are frozen a couple of feet thick. It's high season for ice fishing but you can't just sit out there all day, you've got to socialize. That's where Hillbillies Ice Hole Bar on a lake just outside Pelican Rapids, MN can fill the b…

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