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Fans, It’s Just a Game
A week ago there was a real scene at an OSU basketball game after a player and fan got into a shoving match. The player was ejected and the fan won't be at anymore games this year.Not long ago we had a overly zealous fan incident at a Lady Griz game...
Potholes Are Breeding in a Street Near You
They made their first appearance back in January when we had that warm spell. They are biding their time waiting to spawn and tear your car suspension up, the dreaded pothole.I noticed that the small ones on the Reserve St. Bridge have been patched...
Creating Some Romance
Just in case you have missed the subtle reminders here's one more, right on the left. If you're faced with what to get here's what researchers have discovered; most adults are excited about Valentine’s Day and are looking forward to a gift on Friday...
Congress Takes On Cell Phones
Members of Congress, some of the nation's most frequent flyers, don't want to allow airline passengers to make cellphone calls in-flight and they're doing something about it.
Lurking Under the Snowy Roads
You know  they're lurking under that snowpacked road. They made their first appearance back in January when we had that warm spell.
Poor Roads Lead to Wrecks
The commute into work this morning was not good. For some it was really not good with several accidents reported.
An Atlanta State of Emergency
Our good friend and our chief traffic spy Manny is visiting family in Atlanta today during a state of emergency. He sent us a few pictures after going to the store for a few items.
Poor Fan Behavior
Big controversy in the world of college basket ball. It happened in the OSU vs Texas Tech game Saturday night.
Miss Leno’s Last Show?
I used to be a real fan of late night TV but then I started working the early morning radio shift. It’s sort of hard to stay up late when the alarm goes off at 3:30 a.m.  I was especially interested in seeing the finale of Jay Leno on the Tonight Show...

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