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A Cool Million Donated
James Patterson  has a lot of fans and he just acquired another one.Best-selling author James Patterson is giving away $1 million of his own money to independent booksellers. The first round of 55 stores will receive  over 267-grand. The remaining money will be handed out in stages through…
A Salute to Craig and Al
It's been an incredible ride, but after two decades together, it is with great sadness that we announce the end of Craig and Al's morning show.
Grumpy Cat Predicts Weather
H.H.C. Dunwoody, an Army first lieutenant who suggested in 1883 that rather than putting our faith in meteorologists who can’t predict the weather “for a longer period than two or three days, and frequently not longer than twenty-four hours,” we should follow the wisdom of animals.
Idaho DOT Closes/Opens Hwy 12 (Updated)
Hwy 12 on the Idaho side of Lolo Pass is a long stretch of lonesome highway. Once you get past Powell Ranger Station there it's nothing but forest and it's very remote,with no cell service. It's also very steep terrain prone to avalanches...
Fans, It’s Just a Game
A week ago there was a real scene at an OSU basketball game after a player and fan got into a shoving match. The player was ejected and the fan won't be at anymore games this year.Not long ago we had a overly zealous fan incident at a Lady Griz game...
Potholes Are Breeding in a Street Near You
They made their first appearance back in January when we had that warm spell. They are biding their time waiting to spawn and tear your car suspension up, the dreaded pothole.I noticed that the small ones on the Reserve St. Bridge have been patched...

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