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KYSSmas for Kids 2013 Items and Times Schedule
Need to get some gifts for the holidays, or maybe a little something for yourself? What if I told you that it would help Missoula kids have a merrier Christmas? It’s true! Participating in KYSSmas for Kids will earn you some good service points in life, while you bid on some great items for yo…
Dogs Love to Go for A Ride
Dogs are an accessory in Missoula. You can’t turn around without seeing people walking with them, riding bikes with them and hauling them around in the trucks and cars. An enterprising photographer, L. J. Regan came up with the idea of taking pictures of dogs riding around in cars...
Seahawks Fans Are LOUD!
The tremors from the Seahawks' stadium registered as a small earthquake on the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network Monday night.
Employee Burnout Problem
It benefits workers and makes business sense. Industry is increasingly getting on a bandwagon to address employee burnout and allow an escape from work.
A Heck of A Christmas
They take their whiskey seriously in “Ole Kentuck” so when someone lifted 65 cases of 20 year old Pappy  Van Winkle bourbon about a month and half ago the law got right on it.
Don’t Blame It on the Turkey
Without getting all scientific do you know why you get sleepy after Thanksgiving dinner? Scientists used to say it was something called tryptophan, a natural ingredient in turkey. But now they (the scientists) say you’d have to eat only turkey and on an empty stomach...
Thanksgiving Day Distraction
Everyone needs a little relaxation from all the pressures of cooking the perfect Thanksgiving dinner. Plus if you need a little help in how to cook a turkey I’ve got just the man for you. Bon appetit.

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