Craig & Al

The Craig and Al Yearbook
All good things must come to an end. We asked for your Craig and Al memories from their twenty-two years together, and here they are.
Tuning Up The World Class Jukebox
Friday morning, March 7th will be the final edition of the Craig and Al Morning Show. After 22 years I’m retiring and Craig is moving to another station. It will not be an average day, not that many of them are. We’ve got several rolls of quarters for the World Class Jukebox so expect so…
What To Do With All the Snow
We all know winters are long and hard in Minnesota. Why do you think there are so many people out here “from” there. They have their reasons.  A farmer from up by Gilman MN has come up the perfect example of just how long and hard winters are...
Gold Coin Treasure Trove
Remember that story that was in the news about a week ago about the couple that discovered all the gold coins under a tree on their property in California?
And Who Won the Pig?
In Russia all gold medalists in the Sochi Games were awarded $120,000 and a new Mercedes GL SUV.
Snowboarders on Mount Sentinel
Gosh this is a fun and wacky place to live. Yesterday I told you about the young lady who stepped into her downhill ski bindings, skied up Mt Sentinel and turned around and skied back down. The “hill” as it’s known to hikers has lots of trails they use to enjoy  a walk up and …
Winter Relief In Minnesota
The winters are cold and long in Duluth MN, in fact they just set a new record; 63 days of below zero. A couple of city residents found a way to fight the boredom, snow swimming. Watch this!
Hwy 12 Idaho Update
Alright here we go again. The Idaho DOT has reopened Hwy 12 on their side of Lolo Pass. It has been closed on and off over the past month due to avalanche danger. Several years ago the road was closed for more than two weeks after a slide on the remote road...

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