I saw this newspaper article in the Daily Mail from the England;

England will be hosting the Summer Olympic Games. The chief starter will be Alan Bell. He will be at the starting line of all major running events and will be responsible for firing the starters’ pistol.

Garotcharn Primary School contacted Mr. Bell to be their official starter for their sports day. The events include sack races, sprints and egg spoon challenges.  However the school ran into a bit of a snag when the local Health and Safety Council caught wind of the plan. They have prohibited Bell from firing his pistol for fear it would frighten the youngsters. Initially the council agreed to allow a recording of a starters pistol to be played from an iPod but rescinded that and said a klaxon could be used.  One parent said she was amazed if any child would have been frightened, “clearly they’ve never attended a  children’s birthday party.”