The Montana Brewers Association is getting ready for its incredible Fall Rendezvous in Missoula September 23.

With 41 brewers (all Montana) planning to participate, we got to wondering about the kinds of challenges some of those brew masters face, and what they might be willing to take on. And they would probably jump on this with taps at full throttle!

Associated Press says six Boston breweries are competing to see who can make the best beer from the not-so-clean River Charles. The "Brew the Charles" contest is part of a bigger annual festival in Boston and the competition is intended to heighten awareness of art, science, water conservation and technology.

We're guessing most of the locals attending will be quaffing "Mass" quantities, if for no other reason than the uniqueness of it. On the other hand, there are those Bostonians who say it's not always safe to swim in the Charles, let alone drink from it untreated.

Cheers! And I'll put Missoula microbrews up against any in the country!    DB