Once again social media has been the downfall of petty thieves; A cooperative effort between Rocklin CA  police officers and a Carl's Jr. manager led to the capture of the thieves  suspected of stealing items out of cars Saturday night.  The Rocklin Police Dept. received four reports of vehicle break-ins.  One of the victims learned her credit card had been charged $120 at a nearby Carl's Jr. within minutes of reporting the theft and notified police.  Officers contacted the restaurant manager who remembered a large drive-through order paid for by credit card.  The manager also suggested one of the individuals in the car may have posted pictures of the transaction on Instagram.  Officers later located the photos on Instagram, and learned the individuals planned to return to Rocklin Sunday night.  They were waiting and arrested them.  If they get prison time they won’t have far to go Folsom State Prison isn’t more than 40 miles away.