Across the country the minimum wage average is $8 an hour. Well with recent big companies moving their facility's and factory's from California, they are deciding to increase the minimum wage. 

The most recent big company to move their facilities from California is Toyota and the reason is that the cost of living and minimum wage was so low that it wasn't possible to live there and work for minimum wage. Rep. Barbara Lee, D-California said that she supports raising minimum wage in the state of California to $26 an hour, adding that she doesn't think such a hike would hurt small business owners.

$26 an hour for minimum wage is crazy, but Canada has had a high min. wage for a long time because it is so costly to live there so maybe this is the right route for California. Plus then maybe less of them would move here! If you are able to live in California for free and work and save money this maybe a good thing for you too.