House Bill 240 went before the Senate Education Committee on Monday. The bill, written by Gary Marbut, President of the Montana Shooting Sports Association, would make it legal for any registered gun owner to carry their weapon anywhere on campus.

Associate Commissioner of Higher Education Kevin McRea explained the reasoning behind the Board of Regent's opposition to HB 240, by stating that since guns are not allowed at all in state buildings, they should not be allowed on University campuses, because they are also state buildings.

He also used the example of the shooting at Virginia Tech several years ago. Pro gun advocates allege that the shooter would have been stopped much sooner is a teacher or student had been armed and shot the assailant. McRea said if several people on the scene had guns and were firing, during all the confusion, police and emergency personnel would not know who the perpetrator was.

McRea said he testified against the bill, because if it passes, gun owners would be able to carry their weapons everywhere on campus, such as tailgate areas, concerts, even into football and basketball venues.

Associate Commissioner of Higher Education Kevin McRea