This has got to be one of the feel-good stories of the year so far for me. Courage. Dedication. Determination. It's all there and I have so much respect and admiration. Associated Press tells us that Clifford Alderson just graduated from New Mexico State University and earned his auto mechanics degree. He says he can fix cars "by just listening" and feeling his way around a vehicle. A genetic disease led to his blindness. He got on-the-job training with All Makes Automotive in Alamogordo. The owner says he could pretty much just tell Clifford what needed to be done and turn him loose. But he wanted that degree and says graduating felt like a dream. Now, just like any college grad, he'd like a full-time job. Repair shops: HELLO! I'd want that much heart working on my ride. DB

Image courtesy of ozgurcankaya, Thinkstock