A  good friend of the Craig and Al Morning Show has been honored for his work with and for wildlife. Craig Jourdonnais, FWP wildlife  biologist in the Bitterroot Valley has received the Les Pengelly Conservation Professional Award. Pengelly taught at the University of Montana and was considered "the keeper of the flame" by his peers and everyone involved in wildlife management.  Craig was a work-study student under Pengelly. He learned his craft well. Jourdonnais has the ability to bring opposing parties together and achieve a workable compromise. His biggest challenge in the valley was dealing with a pneumonia outbreak in the mountain sheep population that threatened the entire herd. He convinced people that selective removal of infected animals was the solution. He was right and the herds have recovered.

Craig is always willing to listen and never quick to judge. A real gentleman of the outdoors. We're lucky to have him in the Bitterroot Valley.