Merle: Definitely a pearl in the country oyster. Here's wishing him a happy 74th birthday! You gotta love those April birthday dudes! :-) Anyhoo, here is my Bag O' Hag:Picked a top 5 Haggard favorites, which leaves lots of room for your contributions:

5. Let's Chase Each Other 'Round the Room---How can you not get a kick out of the frisky shenanigans going on in that one?

4. If We Make it Through December---You can feel the optomism even through the pained delivery.

3. If We're Not Back in Love By Monday---see #4

2. Going Where The Lonely Go---Had to have one ballad and my, how the compassion really comes through in that one.

1. Big City---"Turn me loose somewhere in the middle of Montana...." Are you kidding? No brainer!