I hate to even think about this, but unfortunately summertime in Western Montana is quickly ending. Later this week we are expected to be in the 60's. Which means I need more things to occupy my time indoors. Luckily for me I have Griz football kicking off this weekend and NFL football next weekend. That means my Saturday's and Sunday's will be busy but I need something to do on Friday's.

Actually Friday's are now occupied as well, I have my bowling league at Westside Lanes starting this week! Ok, maybe bowling isn't exactly a workout, especially when I'm consuming more calories than actually burning. I do have to admit that I really am excited for my 3rd bowling league ever to get started. I have my own ball and I am getting a little better so it will be nice to have an average above 120, hopefully. I haven't practiced in months.

Last year in this league there was a 300 game, fingers crossed it happens again.


    Big Sky View of Stevensville